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Our Fleet Of Hiab vehicles from pick ups to artics. From 82tm heavy lifts to 33m reach fly jibs

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44 Ton Hiab Crane Truck - With Cab Mounted 9 Ton Lorry Crane Lift

44 ton hiab crane truck with cab mounted 9 ton lorry crane lift . We have a range of big lift crane lorries from 48t/m to 66t/m, please see crane lifting specification sheets attached below. These hiab crane lorries can tow any of our trailers from 20 ft (short) to 40 ft to Extending Rear Steer trailers (up to 115 ft) and are ideal for long reach and heavy lifts such as Weighbridges, rails, switches, crossings, monopoles, cabins, rebs and large machinery.
Vehicle Type : 2 - Articulated Lorries

44 Ton Truck With Crane - Artic Hiab Lorry Cranes With 4t Lift Crane Lifting Facility

44 ton crane trucks with crane hiab capacities from 31t/m to 45t/m. These are our standard hiab crane truck and have a carrying capacity of approx 20 tonnes depending on which trailer is used. All hiab crane lorries can pull any of our various range of trailers to give flexibility of access and load configurations.
Vehicle Type : 2 - Articulated Lorries

32T 8 Wheel Rigid Fly Jib Crane Truck - For Long Reach Crane Lifting

32 ton rigid hiab crane truck with fly jib truck mounted crane. The fly jib hiab crane allows crane lifting up to 25.90 metres. This truck with crane can operate with or without the fly jib hiab crane attached to give the maximum possible range of hiab crane lifting options. Please see the attachments for crane hiab specifications.
Vehicle Type : 1 - Rigid Lorries

3.5 Ton Flatbed Crane van 1 Ton Payload, 800kg Max Lift

3.5 Ton flatbed van with Front mounted crane and 4m bed. Max lift of 800kg @ 2m and 420kg @ 4m. Much better access than HGV's and a cheaper, greener alternative for smaller loads. Based in Chesterfield
Vehicle Type : 1 - Rigid Lorries

Escort Vehicle - Escort Vehicle For Abnormal Loads

We operate our own escort vehicle to self escort abnormal loads on our truck mounted, crane lifting, lorry cranes. Spectrum Freight Ltd specialise in road haulage and the transport of goods by crane lorries. We have a wide range of Articulated crane lorries in our haulage fleet suitable for all types of transportation.
Vehicle Type : 1 - Rigid Lorries

20ft Drawbar Trailers With Crane Truck And Hiab For Hire

Our drawbar trailers offer an extra 6m x 2.5m of bed space & an extra 10t of payload to the hiab truck. They are ideal where a rigid truck is essential but a larger volume or weight of goods has to be moved.if needed the trailer can be dropped outside a tight offloading area & loads then transhipped from trailer to crane truck to allow offloading in a limited rigid access site.
Vehicle Type : 3 - Trailers

Rail Crane Lorries For Trackside Deliveries Of Equipment

Spectrum Freight Ltd are specialist hauliers to the rail industry being members of link up and having all drivers pts trained to work trackside. Our range of crane trucks allows us to work on maintenance projects, including long rails and crossings. We are also involved with rail renewal projects such as telecoms & resignalling.
Vehicle Type : 4 - Rail Lorries

Rear Steer Treble Extendable Trailers Up To 27 Metres - All Designed For Use With Any Crane Truck

Rear steer treble extendable trailers up to 34.8 metres, all designed to be used with any of our hiab hire fleet of lorry cranes. For long loads we have our own escort vehicle if needed.
Vehicle Type : 3 - Trailers